Blackburn Study Center takes a great whole books program approach to literature selections.  Students will not go through a reader, but will instead primarily read novels.  Please explore the following book lists as a sample of the wonderful literature which the students will be reading next school year.

Literature selections are coordinated with the time period being studied in History class.  Students experience a 4-year cycle of History (Ancients, Medieval, Early Modern and Late Modern) and the novels read during each year are designed to enhance their History studies. 

In general, parents should expect to pay about $150 for Blackburn school books in the Grammar stage and $200 for all other students.

Grade 3/4 Booklist

Grade 5/6 Booklist

Dialectic 7/8 Booklist

Pre-Rhetoric 9/10 Booklist

Rhetoric 11/12 Booklist