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Parent of the Day Responsibilities

The Parent of the Day schedule is sent at the beginning of the school year. You will be sent a reminder prior to your day(s) of duty.

The Parent of the Day (POD) must arrive at the study center no later than 7:40 a.m. on his/her scheduled day. As the first duty of the day is to hold the door for arriving students and tutors, please consider the weather and dress accordingly.

Blackburn Study Center takes the service role of the Parent of the Day very seriously. In a nutshell, the POD is in a position of authority over the students and his/her responsibility is to facilitate and maximize the tutors’ instruction time. The POD does this by helping tutors and the administrators as needed (and specifically as directed by the on-site administrator) and assisting in managing the students. Details regarding the duties will be provided prior to your date of service. (They may include substituting for a tutor or making copies; they most definitely will include cleaning.) Most importantly, the POD is there to watch and encourage students to follow the Code of Conduct and the rules. Please do not be afraid to correct the students when needed and to give them directions. Accidents and problems are more likely to arise if adults are not attentive to the students. The POD is not at the center to observe classes or what a typical day at Blackburn looks like, or to socialize with tutors, administrators, students or other parents.

We request that parents serving as Parent of the Day not bring younger children to Blackburn due to space limitations and the distraction that they may be to you, as well as to the students and tutors.


Note: The tutors and the POD are representatives of the Study Center on class days; please dress accordingly so that a professional atmosphere is maintained.


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