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Parent of the Day Responsibilities

The Parent of the Day schedule may be found here.

The Parent of the Day (POD) arrives at the study center at 7:45 a.m. on his/her scheduled day. The POD will be responsible to make sure opening room and classes are arranged for the day’s activities. The POD will assist children who are dropped off in preparing for the day (i.e., storing coats, snacks, and settling-in).

During class time, the POD will be available to assist the tutors as necessary (e..g., helping students, making copies, assisting in discipline, relaying messages, gathering supplies, etc.). In general, the POD’s responsibility is to facilitate and maximize the tutors’ instruction time.

During snack break, the POD will be the responsible adult (tutor is on break). It will be the POD’s responsibility to keep order and see that the students complete their assigned duties (clean up, etc.). It will also be the POD’s responsibility to see that children return to their classrooms at the appropriate time.

At the day’s end, the POD will ensure that the children are in lines to await their ride. Again, the tutor is “off” and it will be the POD’s sole responsibility to see that children are safely delivered to their parents.

The POD will make a final review of the church’s condition, making certain that furniture is returned to appropriate location, and that supplies are stored for future use.

Note: The tutors and the POD are representatives of the Study Center on class days; please dress accordingly so that a professional atmosphere is maintained.


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